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Down Arrow

Innovative conditioning and recovery for performance sport horses.


Obsessed with providing your equine high quality care, focused on fitness and recovery. Add a dash of hydrotherapy, salt, and fitness to your routine allows you to leverage the most out of your equine.

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, our aquatread is emptied and cleaned regularly. Daily, we monitor the salt and chlorine levels to ensure the optimal environment for our clients.

We are committed to safety while managing your equine needs. Most of our clients being to see a positive change in their horse's fitness within eight consistent sessions. Our ECB aquatread is capable of a 12 degree incline to unilaterally develop muscle groups. By engaging their core muscles, the added resistance of the water, while training is another benefit to take pressure off the joints.

Integro Equus unleashes equine potential with safety at our core and innovation in our spirit, we are committed to consistent successful results.   


will my horse will go on the aquatread?

At Integro Equus we have an incredibly high success rate, getting horses acclimated and onto the aqua tread quietly and safely. Our focus is on safety of the horse at all times. Every horse is treated as an unique individual.




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